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Next generation silicon tombac for prototypes and small series.

From now on BREUCKMANN offers you cast prototypes made of silicon tombac, which are sold under the name “rapid Sitomb”. The production of these prototypes is done with lost mold, so there are no tooling costs for you. For these cast prototypes we guarantee a delivery time of 10 working days after receipt of the final 3D data.

Prices start at 99€

Manufacturing process of rapid Sitomb: 3D printing with wax model, ceramic mold, firing, casting silicon tombac, cutting.

Our goal is to be at your side as a comprehensive partner. From prototype production to series production, in BREUCKMANN you have a competent partner at your side for the global markets of the future. As soon as you have a need for series production, you will have access to the usual efficiency of Siliziumtombak die casting production with the lowest unit prices and outstanding quality. The fact that we can work together with rapid Sitomb as early as the prototype phase means that we can ramp up to series production very quickly.

Fast ramp-up to series production with rapid Sitomb from Breuckmann

Example part from rapid Sitomb: hinge for piece of furniture.

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Technical information

Our castings made of rapid Sitomb are produced in a different casting process than the well-known silicon tombac (Sitomb):

  • rapid Sitomb: investment casting process | lost mold with low thermal conductivity
  • silicon tombac: die casting process (or permanent mold casting process) | permanent mold with high thermal conductivity

In the manufacture of prototypes from silicon tombac, we are largely free with regard to the design features that can be produced. For example, there is no need to pay attention to undercuts. However, if a rapid sitomb prototype is to become a silicon tombac die casting afterwards, the design suitable for casting is suggested in consultation with our designers. In this way, it is possible to obtain the simplest possible and thus most cost-effective casting mold in series production and to reduce mechanical reworking operations to a minimum or eliminate them completely.

If a prototype made of rapid Sitomb has already been requested before the series casting from silicon tombac, this leads to advantages in terms of speed and quality when transferring the prototype to the series application.

Alloy development

In order to be able to set properties similar to those for die-cast silicon tombac despite the prototype process, we have specially developed a prototype alloy. This prototype alloy compensates for the disadvantages of the slow solidification of the prototype process in the form of a post-processed Si solid solution solidification in the metallic lattice.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that rapid Sitomb has lower hardness and strength values than silicon tombac from the die casting process. However, rapid Sitomb is more ductile.