rapid Sitomb®: next generation silicon tombac for prototypes and small series.

From now on, BREUCKMANN offers you cast prototypes from silicon tombac, which are sold under the name “rapid Sitomb”. The production of these prototypes takes place in a special investment casting process, so you do not incur any tool costs. For these cast prototypes, we guarantee you a delivery time of 10 days after receipt of the final 3D data.

Prices start at 99€

Our goal is to help you as a comprehensive partner. From prototype production to serial production, you have a competent partner for the global future markets at BREUCKMANN. As soon as you have a serial requirement, the usual performance of the die casting production of silicon tombac is available with the lowest prices per item and outstanding quality. Due to the fact that rapid Sitomb can be used in the prototype phase, a very fast ramp-up into serial production can be achieved.

Fast ramp-up into serial production due to rapid Sitomb from Breuckmann

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Technical information

Our cast parts from rapid Sitomb are produced in a different casting process than the known silicon tombac (Sitomb):

  • rapid Sitomb: investment casting process | lost shape with low thermal conductivity
  • Silicon Tombac: high pressure die casting (or gravity die casting) | Permanent mold with high thermal conductivity
“Please be careful” (Download Flyer)

In the production of prototypes from silicon tombac, we are largely free in terms of constructible features. For example, it is not necessary to pay attention to undercuts. If, however, a silicon tombac prototype is to become a silicon tombac pressure casting from a rapid Si-tombac prototype, the 3D-data construction will be simulated in consultation with our designers. This makes it possible to obtain a mold which is as simple and cost-effective as possible in the series and to minimize or completely eliminate mechanical rework operations.

If a prototype from rapid Sitomb was already made before the series cast of silicon tombac starts, this results in advantages with regard to the speed and the quality during the transfer from the prototype to serial application.

Alloy development

In order to be able to adjust properties similar to high pressure die-cast silicon tombac, we have developed a prototype alloy. This prototype alloy compensatesthe disadvantages of the slow solidification of the prototype process in the form of a imitated solid solution strengthening with Si in the metallic lattice.

Nevertheless, it remains to be noted that rapid Sitomb has lower hardness and strength values than silicon tombac from the die casting process. However, rapid Sitomb is more ductile.

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